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San Francisco's first high school hackathon is going online.

‘Hack the Fog’ makes history as San Francisco’s first high school hackathonsfchronicle.com

In March 2018, we made history with Hack the Fog 1.0, San Francisco’s first high school hackathon — it was a massive success. Hack the Cloud is happening for 48 hours on July 11th - 12th, 2020! Join us for our online hackathon!



What is a virtual hackathon?

A virtual hackathon is an online event where high schoolers can attend, learn, program and have fun. It will still have lots of the good stuff a physical hackathon has such as prizes and workshops.

What makes Hack the Cloud different from other virtual hackathons?

Hack the Cloud is organized by a team that has experience with organizing hackathons and organized the first ever high school hackathon in San Francisco.

What if I don’t know how to code? Can I still attend?

We love beginners at Hack the Cloud! We’ll have a plethora of workshops hosted by coders at several tech companies and startups in the Bay Area where you can learn skills people actually use in the industry. Have an idea but don’t know where to start? Our experienced staff and mentors will help guide you! DM us in the Discord or email us [email protected]!

What if I don’t want to submit my hack?

That’s totally fine! You are not obligated to submit anything to attend, this is just an event for you to learn and connect with other high school coders. For example, if you wanted to code something in a group with 5 other people (above the group limit according to the rules), there’s nothing stopping you, you just can’t submit your hack to be judged.

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